Quest for the Holy Rails

May 2, 2007

RESTing on Rails isn’t as Dangerous as it Sounds

Filed under: design decisions, rails — Jake Brownson @ 7:38 pm

I have decided to try and use REST design for my Pente project, and the purpose of this post is to ground readers on how I came to that decision. (more…)


Would you Jump Before you Checked your Parachute?

Filed under: design decisions, rails — Jake Brownson @ 7:59 am

Software engineering has one big difference from all other engineering disciplines. If a civil engineer built a bridge without going through computer simulations, scale models, and rigorous review he would be jailed. If an aerospace engineer thought he found a new wing design and threw it on a passenger jet to see if it would work he and his grandchildren would be barred from engineering forever. Nobody thinks twice when a software engineer whips up a new function and runs it to see if it works. In this post I’ll introduce the concept of test driven development and explain why I will be using it for my Pente project. (more…)

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